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Elite Stallions (UK) Ltd. endeavour to provide each client with honest comment , when and if “advice” is sought. However, we must underline to all of our clients that when we speak with you, each member of staff is giving their personal opinion. In most circumstances we have not had the opportunity to meet your mares, so the information we can give you is limited and the liability we can accept for the advice we give you is also limited.

We travel to various shows, grading and licensing all over Europe, in order to physically evaluate the stallions on offer for the season. We can make comment on what we saw on the day and relay that information to you in order to aid you in making your own decision.

There is factual information that is available in the public domain which includes any stallion’s breeding and competition history, any further information you may seek in regard to characteristic, temperament, suitability, fertility (save where rates are published by the stud) is understood by you to be subjective.

Elite Stallions (UK) Ltd specifically and absolutely limit their liability in regard to damages, compensation and future loss. We accept no liability for misrepresentation claims for any falsity, fraudulent information or negligent information.

We have identified that there is risk in breeding and take seriously our duty to alert all clients in so far as (but not limited to), unforeseeable delays to semen shipments, veterinary preparation costs, failed reproductive attempts etc.

Elite Stallions (UK) Ltd accept no liability whatsoever for loss whether direct or indirect.

Our right to represent the stallions, the studs and the owners, is protected but this protection is limited to the contracts that exist between the parties. You are entitled to engage with individual entities in your own right and by your own arrangement if you so prefer.

You as the purchaser, acknowledge that Elite Stallions (UK) Ltd. or any of their staff involved in any transaction have made no representations, guarantee or warranty express or implied concerning the semen or its delivery upon which you can rely.

All materials are provided ‘as is’ and ES make no representations or warranties with respect of the the materials.